Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Communication 101

There is no comedy here, just justified outrage. Who raised these people? If you look at me, point to your LEFT eye and say, "You've got something right here"; I will interpret it in mirror image (as meaning my RIGHT eye) because I am a normal person. I don't know how many levels of codependant/freaky I would have to be to just assume that you are symbolically becoming me in that moment and pretending you've got such empathy that my left eye has now become your left eye. Next person who pulls this crap on me gets a slap in the center of their face with the hand of my choosing.

1 comment:

  1. I'm totally one of these people. I point under my right eye if you have something under your right eye because I'm pointing to where it is, in reality, spatially. I don't mirror it in my head, I point to the actual location of the thing on your face.
    My husband is of your ilk and is always confused and thinks I should do a mirror image thing too.
    So I figure I just won't tell either one of you the next time something gross is hanging from your face(s).